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Deren Temel

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Hi! I am a development project consultant and current Program Manager at the USAID sponsored  – Arizona State University implemented BUILD-IT Project; in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Having experienced international mobility as a learner, teacher, and consultant, I affirm that international mobility improves one’s quality of life, a nation’s development, and intercultural understanding. I seek collaboration with like-minded individuals, organizations, and project teams that mobilize students, educators, and leaders to learn anywhere.

I have six years of academic and professional experience supporting project communications, training, and coordination across seven Asia-Pacific countries.

Experience Map

Artboard 1-100

Manager of the International Development Department, SEAMEO RETRAC, Viet Nam

Communications Intern, UNESCO Asia-Pacific Bureau for Education, Thailand

Teacher Trainer, English Booster Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Guest Teacher, Saint Niño Starbright Montessori School, Guimba, Philippines

Student Advisor, Tokyo World Language Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal

Volunteer Coordinator, Parikrma Foundation, Bangalore, India

Native English Teacher, AEON Corporation, Yonago, Japan

Legal Intern, Freehills Corporate Legal Services, Sydney, Australia

Education Development Presentations

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UNESCO Bangkok Recommendations

Teaching Recommendations

Speaking Vietnamese to 500 students | Vietnam | 2017

Students Singing English | India| 2013

Kids Dancing | India| 2013

Kindergarten English | Japan| 2012

Adults Sing Japanese | Nepal | 2014

Active Learning | Vietnam | 2014

Teaching in a Rural Area|Vietnam| 2014

Dancing with Philippine Students | Phillipines| 2014