Customary Vs. Traditional

I have found in my watching of British television and cultural observation that the British use the word “Traditional” more than Americans do. I really noticed that the notion of tradition is more vocal here, however I think Americans have traditions but we highlight them in a different way.   When I ask British people how to do something, when it is some thing like … Continue reading Customary Vs. Traditional


Quakerism as a reaction to the British tradition In my American life I live in the City of Brotherly Love; Philadelphia. Philadelphia is the holy experiment of Englishman William Penn. William Penn got a Charter from the king of England to found a colony where all protestant and Judeo-Christian religions could practice freely. William Penn’s notion of brotherly love stemmed from his religious beliefs. William … Continue reading Quakerism

“Heres looking at you,Kid.”

3.)   All Quite on the English Front I went to an English national love fest. It was a football match between England and White Russia (Belarus). From the experience of being among the English as they enjoyed their national sport I was allowed the chance to see something quite unique. Notice that the home team was England and not Britain. The English, who have a … Continue reading “Heres looking at you,Kid.”

Shared Values

1.) The British, American and Japanese Similarities. When I lived in Japan I was exposed to the far eastern reaches of British influence. The Japanese were infatuated with the English. The English were capitalist progresses who, without attempted Japanese imperialism or participation in bombing Japan, seemed like a benevolent people to emulate. The Japanese borrowed many customs from the British during the 1800 hundreds.  You … Continue reading Shared Values

The Changing Face

In 1948 the British Empire changed the face of its homeland by granting all Royal Subjects the right to United Kingdom Citizenship. This opened the door to England for the Indians and Blacks. In 1948 the first Ship from Jamaica brought black men to England from American colonies. It carried only 500 people. Previous to 1948 the only black people in the United Kingdom had … Continue reading The Changing Face