JPN1213# 6 Chicken Pox

One morning before the children arrived a coworker informed me that there was an outbreak of chicken pox among the students! My colleague insisted that everyone at work was getting chicken pox, even the adults! The cold weather was bringing a ravage of chicken pox to the area and the entire country. I was aghast, “Good god, will the children really continue to come to school with a epidemic at … Continue reading JPN1213# 6 Chicken Pox

JPN 1213 # 2: Daisen

If the sky over Yonago were a stage, Mount Daisen would be hogging the spotlight. Daisen lurks in the cover of Yonago waiting centuries to seize the fattest clouds. Every cloud that attempts to pass Daisen will face a dilemma. Either the clouds must wriggle away from their captor in the dead of night or surrender and rain themselves over the top the mountain. If a … Continue reading JPN 1213 # 2: Daisen

Entry 36: More Donations to Japan Relief Fund

The generosity just keeps on flowing! We have raised another 200$ for the Australian Red Cross’s Japan Relief Fund. This brings our grand total to 1,100$. We have done a great job helping those in need. Should tragedy ever strike the United States, let us only hope that the well being that we have shown today is not an exception but a rule across the … Continue reading Entry 36: More Donations to Japan Relief Fund