When I Talk About Beautiful Women

  Think about it… To love a woman, you’ve got to love women. If you can love women, and all that entails, then you could fully accept her. Acceptance opens trust, and you could build a skyscraper on trust. To paraphrase a smarter person, “What makes you a man is earning a good woman’s trust and keeping it.” The passage to manhood, isn’t a part … Continue reading When I Talk About Beautiful Women

Our Big, Busy, Turkish Funeral

  A Turkish funeral is quite unlike an American funeral. Islam asks that the body be buried within twenty-four hours. This makes the ceremony a sudden event. The ceremony could be finished before the entire immediate family is aware of the passing. Since most friends and family discover the passing within a few days, a Turkish family will open their home for many days to … Continue reading Our Big, Busy, Turkish Funeral

Goodbye Kathmandu

It was a privileged to be your guest. You gave the best of what you had. I appreciate that. From here I take this last opportunity to visit my grandparents and extended family in Turkey. My heart-of-hearts needed this unique time to understand my Turkish family and my place in it as an adult. I will study the world’s most “delightful” language and reinforce family … Continue reading Goodbye Kathmandu

Inspirational City

When walk through the streets of London I think of the wise people who once walked down these streets as well. Although they all saw London in different stages of its maturity, I imagine that when they lived in this city something about London’s compression of humanity inspired and facilitated their innovation. I am happy for the brief moment that I can share this city, … Continue reading Inspirational City