Statistic Clarity

Recently I have been bombarded with the almighty statistic that 70% of the British have passports and that only 20% of Americans do.  If you look at this statistic blindly and without context it could be thought that Americans don’t travel often and don’t care about the rest of the world. When I heard this statistic it was used to highlight America’s deplorable worldview. Believing … Continue reading Statistic Clarity

Lessons from a Friend

La vida és una carrera sense final, on cada instant és una prova a tu mateix. Una vida sense dolor, no es vida; el dolor forma part d’ella; al mateix que l’alegria, l’esperança, el sofriment, i la ploralla. Tot ens ensenya alguna cosa, ens forma com persones, moldea nostre manera de ésser, nostre caràcter. Si les coses van ser així, és perquè tenia que ocórrer … Continue reading Lessons from a Friend

Customary Vs. Traditional

I have found in my watching of British television and cultural observation that the British use the word “Traditional” more than Americans do. I really noticed that the notion of tradition is more vocal here, however I think Americans have traditions but we highlight them in a different way.   When I ask British people how to do something, when it is some thing like … Continue reading Customary Vs. Traditional