Scotland’s Independenc

The Tony Blair era rang in with devolution of the United Kingdom.  Coming from an outside perspective, my removal from any type of emotional response to the thought of Scotland reasserting independence helps me form my opinion on the matter. I just watched a vehemently anti-European Union video on YouTube and my easily impressionable self has been corrupted by the radical opinions. Personally, I don’t … Continue reading Scotland’s Independenc

British National Party

Recently, I have been observing the British as they politically correctly and simultaneously incorrectly deal with the hard to admit reality that Britain elected two members of the Neo-fascist right wing British National Party into European Parliament. (European parliament elections are separate from British parliamentary elections). So it appears that the British public has to face the fact that the skinhead supporting organization of the … Continue reading British National Party

Statistic Clarity

Recently I have been bombarded with the almighty statistic that 70% of the British have passports and that only 20% of Americans do.  If you look at this statistic blindly and without context it could be thought that Americans don’t travel often and don’t care about the rest of the world. When I heard this statistic it was used to highlight America’s deplorable worldview. Believing … Continue reading Statistic Clarity