Edvard Munch, the artist who cried The Scream, died in Nazi occupied Norway with few comforts. After a life of committed art Munch couldn’t find the recognition he deserved. Before the occupation Munch had had a semi-prosperous career. During Munch’s lifetime Ida Lund wrote apiece entitled “Edvard Munch” (1937), which marveled at the potential of Munch’s career. Almost seventy years after his death Barry Schwabsky … Continue reading Munch


This was written during high school- summer of 07 If Stalin were alive today, he would be the CEO of Google. Using Google’s many facilities, Stalin and his bandits would set out to restart the revolution and to control the masses. Behind Google’s friendly interface would lay twisted Soviet motives. Emerging from the depth of the “Blog-o-sphere”, Stalin and Google would set out to rule … Continue reading Google-plex


Deren Temel HU/SS 102 Topic 1: “Satire and Status” The preservation of bloodlines may seem like an archaic notion to you, but once you realize that nineteen United States presidents have been directly related to the King Edward(s) of England and that thirty-four U.S. Presidents have claimed descent from Charlemagne then it must become eerily clear that a force specifically directed this genealogical lineage. This … Continue reading HOGARTH AND THE BLOODLINES