Gym’n It Around the World

What do the diverse gym cultures of the USA, Japan, India, Nepal, and Vietnam say to me? Continue reading Gym’n It Around the World


Meet Momo

Momo is the combined nickname for my beloved twins Monika and Monisha. Momo is also the Hinglish word for dumpings. They were my hardcore favorites. I channeled all my adorement onto these two little whole wheat muffins. These two kindergarteners are magic. If you give them identical coloring assignments in seperate rooms, they will color the picture almost identically. They also like to finish each … Continue reading Meet Momo

Meet Prabaka

  This is my friend Prabaka. Prabaka is a 17 year old boy from Manipur, India. Manipur is a small region that falls next to the Myanmari border. Prabaka speaks English, Kannada, Hindi, Manipuri, and a village language. He grew up in Manipur with his mother, uncle, grandmother, and younger brother Tomba. Prabaka’s family sells fish on the roadside. At the age of fourteen Prabaka, … Continue reading Meet Prabaka