The Japanese Dream

今日から新しい仕事が始めます。大人の日本語教師になります。日本に入植したいネパール人のために日本語を教えます。生徒は日本国のビザの特別な日本語能力試験を受けなければなりません。もしビザを取れば日本の工場かレストランの後ろとか夜の仕事を出来ます。ネパールは物凄く貧しい国です。生徒は家族のために日本で得たサラリーを全部ネパールに送ります。僕は生徒さんの強さを尊敬します。 いつか,たどたどしい鳥取弁で話しているネパール人と会ったら多分あいつは僕の生徒でした。 Has it ever happened to you, that during your first hour of a new job you pause in the center of a hectic moment and say aloud, “Yay… I fucking love this” ! Those of you who are nodding along are the lucky ones. Today, I join you. It started with me walking through a dark office building. The power was out. I … Continue reading The Japanese Dream

Meet Shyam: A Good Friend

The story begins in a land before time: Nepal 1965. Only fifteen years after Nepal opened its borders to the outside world for the first time.  On November 26th Shyam was born in a village in the eastern Dhankuka district of the then Kingdom of Nepal. He was born at home because his village had no hospital.  Shyam had two younger sisters during childhood. At … Continue reading Meet Shyam: A Good Friend