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Hong Kong | August 2017

Being in Hong Kong the last five days have been a thought-provoking experience and an exercise in patience. I’m on a package tour with Trinh’s family. Of course, package tours are not my style, but it’s a chance to get … Continue reading

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The First Day in Bangkok

~ the musings around moving into my new apartment At first I was not “in love” with my apartment. I had spent the last seven days in a marvelous AirBnB in Saigon and my simple dormitory-style room had potential to … Continue reading

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Back in Southeast Asia

I felt a twinge of excitement in my heart when I arrived at Taipei International Airport. I was excited to be back in Asia. Surrounded by a sense of new adventure and familiarity. It was fun to order Taiwanese foods … Continue reading

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The Small Stories in Cambodia.

In June 2014, I spent roughly a week and a half in Cambodia. This was after visiting family in Turkey and before I moved to Vietnam. Memories from this trip are both scattered and vivid. Because my memory is hazy, … Continue reading

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Lessons from Singapore’s Global Schoolhouse

The following paper explores the motives, policies, and impact of the initial 2002-2011 phase of Singapore’s hub building Global Schoolhouse strategy (GSH) . It examines the economic, labor-market, and demographic concerns that motivated the Singaporean government to aggressively internationalize higher … Continue reading

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Sydney was surreal. I felt like a distant relative coming back to visit friends and walk down his old memory lanes. Looking over the lights on the ferry ride into the city, I remembered my 21-year-old self. It was nice … Continue reading

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Prostitution: Humanity vs. Economy

Bangkok is an infamous haven for the sex industry. Much like global warming, snakes, and all global conflicts this can be blamed on the USA. The US Army created the sex industry in Bangkok informally by having R&R for the … Continue reading

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Langkawi: 99 Islands and One Clear Thought

  Langkawi was an amazing time. The tropical island had wild monkeys, geckos, snakes and eagles. There were random bouts of rain and electric storms over the ocean at night. The roads had free roaming oxen and lazy monkeys sauntering … Continue reading

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Color in the Borders

Taking an overnight train from Thailand to Malaysia presented me with a unique part of travel missed when you fly; borders.  The border of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia had crisp contrast. The border began kilometers before the changing of … Continue reading

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Bangkok: Old & New

Bangkok is divided into two sections both geographic and social: New Bangkok & Old Bangkok. Although both were beautiful, one in its modernity and one in its antiquity, this duplicity would characterize Bangkok as a city balancing on the razor’s … Continue reading

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The First Flavours of Singapore

Singapore is a humid oasis for all the Gods’ believers. Despite being encircled by a tense region, Singapura has bought itself a Pax Deos. I applaud Singapore for its remarkable achievement in social and religious harmony. Singapore is wildly diverse; [70% … Continue reading

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Seoul Taipei 8’13

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Hong Kong Oct’12

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