IEDP Blog: Lessons Learned in the 1st Month

Three important thoughts during the first month My advisor: The most educational part of the work-experience is the fact that my advisor understands and communicates that this internship is a part of my education, a large investment of time and money on my behalf, and that internships are rare experiential learning opportunities. My manager reminded me, “We have internships to turn you into a better … Continue reading IEDP Blog: Lessons Learned in the 1st Month

The Small Stories in Cambodia.

In June 2014, I spent roughly a week and a half in Cambodia. This was after visiting family in Turkey and before I moved to Vietnam. Memories from this trip are both scattered and vivid. Because my memory is hazy, I seem to just appear places already doing something. The way we appear in dreams already doing something, with no idea how we got there. … Continue reading The Small Stories in Cambodia.

Transitions to Marketization: Vietnam and Poland

  Executive Summary The following essay focuses on the challenges and successes of Vietnam’s higher education system since marketization in 1986. The essay explores the initial reforms, demands, and requirements of the knowledge economy on modern Vietnam. The essay draws on the experience of Poland’s post-soviet marketization to offer strategies of public-fees, expansion of the private sector, and loan incentives. The essay will justify how … Continue reading Transitions to Marketization: Vietnam and Poland

Lessons from Singapore’s Global Schoolhouse

The following paper explores the motives, policies, and impact of the initial 2002-2011 phase of Singapore’s hub building Global Schoolhouse strategy (GSH) . It examines the economic, labor-market, and demographic concerns that motivated the Singaporean government to aggressively internationalize higher education. The paper argues that the political backlash that forced the Singaporean government to de-internationalize GSH’s targets has also been the catalyst for a firmer … Continue reading Lessons from Singapore’s Global Schoolhouse

The Ninjas of Harvest Season

The Harsh Season, the frugal months before the harvest, ended in late September. The season closed with troops of skinny men wearing hand-me-down Disney t-shirts wrapped around their faces like “Arabian ninjas” appearing in town. The men, from the surrounding barangays, poured into the fields on makeshift tractors and hired pick-up trucks like a helpful militia of honest days’ workers. They must reap, thresh, and … Continue reading The Ninjas of Harvest Season

Social Media and Free Speech

One of the unique conundrums of social media business is the weak entry/exit barriers. It is almost impossible for an existing social media firm to prevent a competitor from entering the market. This inability is the reason you have at least three messenger apps. This melee drove Facebook’s purchase of Whatsapp, Instagram, and forty-four other firms to stay king of the hill. But it is … Continue reading Social Media and Free Speech

Meet Megashree

This is Parikrma’s star pupil. Megashree, who lives in a girls relief home, is one of the school’s most driven students. Megashree left her home optionally because her family was hindering her education. That is an enormous step to take for a poor girl from a conservative family.  However, just because she is poor doesn’t mean that she must think poorly. Megashree also won a … Continue reading Meet Megashree